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After going to Newgen's, we came home and spent another 3 nights there. Then, Wednesday was my niece's birthday and Jayme was throwing her a shindig in Wichita. So we left to go to Wichita again.

Jayme did a good job with the party. There were about 20 people there, some family, some coworkers, and some friends. It was a nice time. There was plenty of food (not unexpected) and Jayme even frosted Nicole her own princess cake! But... one of the dogs (Atari?) got on the table and ate about 1/3 of it! She was so mad (as she should have been). But she cut off the dog part, so we could still she how hard she worked, and mom bought one from Wal-mart or something to replace it. Silly dogs.

I made her her red dress for her birthday. It was rather large on the small child. But that just means she can wear it for a while. Well, after the party, we all hung around for a day and then Thursday, I went shopping to buy and outfit for my interview on Monday.

We left on Thursday after meeting up with Rhonda and Michelle in Wichita for dinner. It was a nice short trip.

Then Saturday was our 6 year wedding anniversary! Mom bought us a cake and candle so we lit it and ate some cake. How cute. After eating the cake, we packed up the car and went to Wichita (again). We figured it would make our drive to Tulsa on Sunday a little bit shorter.

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The Gare Bear said...

Happy 6-year anniversary and I wish you many more happy ones. I'm very proud of you and Shannon. Any you both give me great hope. Keep up the good work and most of all, I wish you a lot of fun, happiness, and meaningfulness in this crazy world.