Creepy Nature

This is one of the neatest (yet creepy) things I've seen first hand.

I was walking to school and noticed a bug in a spiderweb. That bug was a sad cicada. I was all like "wow, that is a big bug to get stuck in a spiderweb! Some spider is gonna be full." Then I look to the left, and this awful-butt large spider started to crawl towards the cicada. It was so creepy, yet really really neat at the same time.

I was too scared to get much closer to get a better pick, all I had was my phone. But it's still neat!

Also, there are like a ba-gillion cicadas this year. They are so loud.

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hockeyfrog said...

Gah. I hate spiders. That is very nature-cool though. The cicadas are almost deafening this year! Over by Jesse's house it is terrible. I wonder if they are the 17-year variety waking up?

And I just got the stitches out of my hand. It is definitely weird how they can patch us up like a hole in a pair of socks. I wish they kept the stitches in - it looked far better all closed up!