I hate doing laundry.

After I returned from the land of family, Shannon and I came home. For the next 2 complete days (minus my teaching and some sleeping), we readied the troops for a huge (no huger) Warhammer battle.

Friday night we set up 17,000 points for evil and 17,000 point for good. We used just about all the models that Shannon and I, Jenette and Chris, and Newgen have. Old and new, good and bad. It was massive!

After setting it up, which took over an hour, we had some homemade pizza's. We were staying at Newgen and Andrea's new house. It was quite fun. Saturday we started to play. About 7 hours all together and we completed about 4 of 6 turns. That night we had 6 types of fondue. 6.

Sunday we finally got to finish the game, it took another 2 or so hours. Turned out to be a minor victory for the good. It was a massive, but fun time.

Greater Demon of Khorne did very, very well. Giant Mummy Frog did really well too. After cleaning up, we went home. For another 3 nights.

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