Tuesday night was the first hockey practice of the new season. Our gear hasn't been worn since April, so that's 4 1/2 months of sitting.

Well, Shannon's didn't just sit. It grew some wicked stuff. Yes, grew.

This is his Rebel's jersey. He wore it at practice. I believe all the black is some sort of mold that like hockey. It was on both shoulders, but this side was worse.

After practice we came home and I washed everything that could be washed. The jersey went through the wash twice. Thank heavens for Spray 'n Wash Dual Power Stain Remover! That stuff is awesome! After one it looked better...

After two it looked wearable.

The jersey has been retired since it's last outing. It now hangs cleanly in our closet.

Not everything could be washed in the washer though. So, I pulled out our scrubbing brush and got to work. I scrubbed everything that didn't go in the washer with the brush and laundry detergent. Wow. That took over an hour, but it was worth it. This is one of Shann's gloves before I washed it.

They are his old ones, but still. That is tape across the palm that used to be white. It is black mostly from the dye in the leather, but it is definately white mold on top of the now black tape. It was really bad on the inside. Well, I scrubbed the snot out of those and they looked less gross when done.

That isn't even the worst. Shannon didn't show me at practice, but he said his helmet was even worse. Guess what we are gonna buy Shannon next time we are at a hockey store.

Also, the whole experience was so gross, I had to take a second shower when I was done washing it all.


hockeyfrog said...

Oh that is just nasty. Crazy enough though, this happened to me during swim season back in HS - even with the items soaked in chlorinated water. Looked a lot like whatever was growing on Shannon's sweater. I however gave up on trying to wash mine out the first time around and just said "eh, its a towel." :)

Who knew his bag was just the right conditions for something to grow? (Which reminds me I need to throw out the science experiment loaf of bread that is in my kitchen. Eww!

The Math Ninja said...

Having that stuff on a swim suit is way grosser. That touches your skin a bit more.

Tuba Queen said...