Why Cry?

It's really hard, almost impossible, to know why Keagan cries. She was so good today! She ate well, slept well, smiled a lot in her sleep. But around 9:00, she just started to cry. Really, really hard. Is she hungry? Well, she ate about 20 minutes before crying. Does her diaper need changing? We just changed it. It was super-poopy. Is she hot? We took her dress off. Is her diaper too tight? No. Checked that. Does she hurt inside? Well, I'm guessing not because you can calm her down, the crying isn't constant, just inconsistent and really hard.

:( Poor Keagan.

:( Poor us.

But she's a cutie!

My current family. :)
(My face looks fat.)

First pictures "with" Keagan and Cassidy.


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Irene said...

It's hard to know why a baby cries. As she gets older her cry will change for different things. You will know the 'ouch' cry from the 'sleepy' cry, or the annoyed cry' the 'scared' ( this one really makes you just want to hug her and say awwhhh!). the hungry cry could sound just like the annoyed cry. but the uncomfortable cry could sound like all of them, why because they are not able to tell you there is something sticking in my back, my head is itchy, I can't see anyone in this position, I want to roll over on my back/stomach. where did you go mommy? I got a cramp in my leg, my ear hurts, that was loud,there is something in my eye, can you just re-wrap me, this is too tight/not tight enough. I have a tummy/head/ear ache. You get the picture. Dont get upset or feel too bad if you can't figure out the reason. just take a deep breath and remember, one day she will talk and let you know what's wrong. You will be wondering how to get her to stop asking 'why? Just keep doing what you are doing. and every once in a while you'll say. Oh, so that was all you wanted keagan!!!