My blog (and just about all of my time) has revolved around Keagan for the last three weeks. Which I guess is to be expected since that's about when she was born.

She has now met all her grandparents (not great grandparents). My mom was here for her birth and her first 5 days. Most of what we did during that time was just take care of me and Keagan. A lot of cooking, cleaning, sleeping, and talking. No real adventures (outside of learning to breastfeed, but that wasn't a fun adventure). Well, I guess we grilled some fruit and waffles again. Delicious!

Then Shannon's mom and Dave came up. They helped out a bunch and were here for almost a week. Dave even mowed our lawn for us while he was here. :) But that trip also consisted of mostly just cooking, cleaning, eating, and taking care of Keagan (I didn't really need too much care by then).

I tried to find a picture of Keagan with Rhonda and/or Dave, but I don't have one! We'll have to fix that this coming week.

Then we had some time to ourselves before Shannon's dad came up. He got here last Saturday and left yesterday. We did some shopping, tried to go to a baseball game (but it got canceled), and still did the eating/cooking thing.

Now, she will start to meet her aunts and uncles! Today Jayme, Maria, Charles, and Nikki are coming. :) Then next week she will get to meet Jenette, Michelle, Chris, and a bunch of other people!

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