First Day Alone

And by alone I mean, just Keagan and I. I spent half a day yesterday with just the two of us, but today is my first full day with Shannon at work and Keagan and I home together.

It's been fine so far. I had a doctor appointment at 10:30, so most of the day has been spent getting ready for that and doing that. Plus I ran some other errands while we were out.

The doctor said everything is looking good so far. Asked how I was feeling, if I had any questions, and then I made an appointment for 4 weeks from now. I still am not supposed to do "bad" things for my incision for another 4 weeks, but that is fine. I don't want to cause more problems. As long as Keagan slows down on the weight gain (she was 8lb 13.5oz on Wednesday), then I shouldn't be lifting over 15 pounds. :)

She was crying a lot for a few days, and I know crying is normal, but I think a lot of it was gas. I've been making a better effort of burping and that seems to help. Also, I'm learning her "I'm hungry" hints. So instead of me waiting until she's crying hard, I can usually tell before she even starts crying. Which is much nicer. :)

I can not get this picture to turn!


Tuba Queen said...

She is so blonde. Look at the blonde fuzz on her face!!! Oh my I can't wait to kiss and hug her and I know Nikki can't wait to meet her either.

Julia said...

I'm so glad things are going better! She's really cute! She looks a lot like both of you! Even though I can't see you when you come to Garden, I know my mom would still love to see you and meet Keagan. I know things are going to be busy so she'll understand if you can't make it, but if you can stop by it would totally make her day! :)

ND said...

Sometimes her hair looks really blonde, sometimes it looks really red. It's getting much longer and fuller.

Yes, some people say she looks just like me as a kid, some say just like Shannon. It depends on who you ask. And I should remember to see about seeing your mom while we are in GC. That would be fun.

Michelle said...

That top pic looks sooo much like Shannon! Can't wait to see you guys!