Still Waiting

No new car to pick up yet. Tuesday evening we were planning to go get it after work. But the salesman called and said it wouldn't be in till late and that they'd rather not rush it that night. Since I had to teach, it worked out okay. We only would have had from 6:00 to 6:30 to check it out and finish the deal.

So then Wednesday (yesterday) the salesman called again. "Good thing we didn't rush it last night" he says. "There's a 1.5" scratch in the passenger side sliding door." Great. They didn't want to fix it in house, because it wouldn't look good enough. They were getting it professionally done. So he estimated Friday evening. So again, we wait.

Hopefully when we actually get to see our car on Friday it is in better than great condition. It better be spotless inside and outside, have all the pieces in place, have a cargo net, and have low mileage. I keep asking him what the mileage is and he keeps forgetting to check. Good thing is, if it's too high, we can say "Nope, not new to us" and they have to get us a new one.

But really, buying a car should not be this hard. Stupid car dealers.

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