Changing Pad Cover

Here is a picture of the pad cover I mentioned last time. Not too exciting. But it does match nicely. I plan to make two more also. Just to have clean ones when needed. And I think I'll be embroidering some designs on the sides. This purple one was my test/pattern maker. Now I am ready to embellish. :)

I also have the quilt almost done. I just needs some type of quilted design in the middle of the 4" squares. Not totally sure what to do there.


Irene said...

looks good nik, can't wait to see the room all done. with curtains and the crib. Are you making bumper guards? if not let me know and I'll look for some to match the room.

The Math Ninja said...

I started the curtains last weekend. We have two layers going up, a green and a purple. The green is about 85% done, the purple about 3%. :)

I plan to make bumpers, so long as I have time. I've got plenty of fabric left from the quilt.

Julia said...

Bumpers are no good... see Jenette's blog... http://earlychildhoodblog.blogspot.com/

SIDS risk. They are pretty but not worth the risk.

Irene said...

I wrote about this subject on my blog. I don't necessarily agree all bumper guards are bad. so many variables to consider. the type of materials used, breathable guards, the age of the child, the behavior of the infant, so many things.