Recent Baby Pictures

*Updated* I didn't say much with this last night, so here is some more. The doctor has been checking and I'm not dilated yet. I still have 17 days till my due date. The baby hasn't really dropped either. He said I may go a little late, but that makes sense. My original due date was May 16th, then he moved it up to May 9th. So, I wouldn't be surprised if I was "late." Also, he said she weighed about 6 lb. 14 oz. (which puts her around the 52nd percentile, right in the middle).

I'm still feeling well. Not too uncomfortable and basically sleeping through the night, save for the occasional trip to the potty.

In the picture above, you can see her little left hand in front of her face. That thing on the bottom is her arm, a little distorted, but it's still her arm.

This picture is a bit harder to see. But it is again her face (on the left). You can make out her nose and mouth, and sort of her eyes. :)


Aunt margie said...

ooh, those cheeks! already I want to kiss them. by the way, she has your hands.

aunt m

The Math Ninja said...

I'm not sure how you can tell about the hands, but OK!


Michelle said...

Oh my gosh. I. Love. Her.