Easter Weekend with Mom

I never take enough pictures to actually show-off my weekends.

But this past weekend, my mom came down for Easter. We had fondue Friday night and then woke up around 11:00 on Saturday. That day was full of more food, looking at Lowes for grills, playing games, and dying Easter eggs.

In an effort to make a purple egg, we ended up making a crazy black egg. It turned to blue spotted as it dried.
The Sunday, we chilled and looked at bbq grill reviews. Shannon's birthday is this coming weekend, and Mom wanted to get him a gift. So, we were looking to get him a grill. We originally were considering this Char-Griller Duo but decided against it. Instead of spending 300$ on one grill that does charcoal and gas both at an average to below-average level, we decided to just get a better gas grill for less, and then invest in another charcoal grill later, if our little baby isn't good enough.

So we did some researching via Consumer Reports and watched some videos on fireboxes that melt down and delicious looking steaks. That was it, we decided to buy a Grill Master for 200$ and then get some steaks. And that made our Easter dinner! Steaks, potatoes, salad, and grilled veggies. Yummy.

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Irene said...

yep it was very yummy