Freethrow Woos.

Here are some pictures of what we've done in the nursery so far.

Last night we put together a bookcase we bought from Target using gift cards (thank you SO much to everyone!!). We put our books, and toys on it. Along with some pretty things and two fabric drawers we bought from Target as well.

And here are the curtains so far. We put up an under-rod and hung the green curtains from that. They still need to be hemmed, but we don't know how short we want them yet. The plan was then to put up a prettier second rod, the black one, and hang purple curtains from them. But Walmart products aren't measured very well. Instead of the under-rod projecting 2", it projects 2.25". So now the two rods are pretty much exactly the same distance out. This just won't do. So Shannon and I are going to look for longer braces to use for the black rod. If we can't find any, we have some alternate ideas. But you can still get to see what's going on so far.

Also, if you haven't seen it, that is the cradle that Randy made back in 1980. All 11 of the children on that side of the family used it! And now, Shannon and I get to. But since Jenette and I are having kids at the same time, we won't both be able to use it. :( We'll figure something out.

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