We get our new tv tomorrow! (a 54" plasma, perfect for Turkey Day Football)

Maria and Hendrix are coming to visit tomorrow! (she's only been to our place 2 times)

Julia and Pickle are gonna have a baby girl any day now! (I can't believe it!!)

We are gonna have a big family Thanksgiving at our place! (We haven't combined mine and Shannon's family for a holiday in about 5 years, and may not again for a really really long time)

Jenette is showing! (check out her pic)

Jayme is pregnant with her second child! (and this time with a guy who cares)

Life is pretty good.

And this is funny...


Michelle said...

Jayme is pregnant TOO?!?!?!? I can't keep up with all you guys...It's exhausting..good thing I'm checking blogs right before I go to bed :) See you and ya baby tummy in two days!!

The Math Ninja said...

:D Exciting! Isn't it!?