3 Wasps

It's been pretty warm this weekend and it's supposed to continue through early this week. Which is too bad. I am looking forward to it cooling down, mostly due to wasps.

Last year, we had almost one wasp a day in our living room. It sucked. This year it has been much better. Shannon has sprayed about 3 wasps nests over the year and the one by the chimney has helped the most, I think.

Up until yesterday, we only had about 4 all summer. Which is awesome. But yesterday there were 3!! Usually they are rather slow and half-dead. But one of yesterday's was flying around all buzzy and stuff. Brave Shannon smooshed them with his floppy shoes. All three of them, the buzzy one and all. Then unbrave me went around with the vacuum cleaner and as long of a hose as I could and sucked them up. That is scary too. You can feel them bounce through the tube. Iew.

So, I look forward to the cold, because then the wasps stop getting into my house. Grr. Little beasts.


Tuba Queen said...

At least you were support.

The Math Ninja said...

that's about all i had the guts to be.