Our inline hockey team, the Hawks, won the summer season! That isn't too surprising. The season started with I believe 6 teams. By the end of the season, we were down to 2 teams and 2 players from a third team. Of those two teams, our team has players who regularly play ice and have played with each other for a good amount of time. The opponents, Minor Threat, is mostly made up of high schoolers (?) some of which have never played before. We actually played them the last 3 weeks because no one else was around, and won every time.

We also had our neighborhood picnic on Sunday. Complete with inflatable jumpy house, face painting, clown, and neighbors.


Tuba Queen said...

Oh how stinking cool!!! The hockey and the picnic! I don't think we'll ever have a neighborhood picnic, and if there was I don't really see us there. There's some weird and cranky people in our neighborhood.

The Math Ninja said...

Well, our neighborhood is quite defined, being a development. So its pretty easy to organize and count on non-crazy people coming.

Irene said...

reminds me of block parties in Brooklyn, they ROCKED. I have such great memories of them. Glad to see your neighborhood is smart enough to make memories and enjoy the crowd.