Labor Day Weekend

Now that I teach Saturday mornings, my weekends are a wee-bit shorter. But having Monday off, we still had the chance to travel (plus KC is only 4 hours away!)

So, Friday night, I made me a thread rack. Shannon and I wandered around Lowe's and Hobby Lobby earlier in the week looking for pieces I could use to make my own instead of spend 11+$ on one in a store. We settled on some dowels and two kinds of wood molding. Then Friday I cut, sanded, drilled, and nailed me together a thread rack that has 48 spots! I planned it out so that I could have enough room on each stick for thread and it's matching bobbin.

Then, after teaching, Shannon and I headed up to see Newgen and Andrea in Olathe. On Sunday, Julia and Pickle came over. They are actually the reason we met up in KC. Since they live in Minnesota, we don't see them often. So, this was a great time to see some friends that we haven't seen in like 2 years and to see Julia's baby bump! Her and Mike are having a baby girl due near mid-November. How fun!

We did some geo-caching around Olathe and played some games and ate some food. But it was awesome to see friends again! Living down in Tulsa we don't get much opportunity to see friends any more. Back in college, we saw them all the time! Man, I miss that.

But, we were missing Jenette and Chris. :( They were going to come to KC too, but got sick, possibly with the swine flu. (eek.) But last I heard, they are both doing well and back at work.

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Irene said...

yes Julia looks adorable pregnant. it's hard when friends live so far apart. just think, at least now their is the internet, e-mail, text msg'g and cell phones. in the past, you had letters and expensive long distance phone calls and every 10 yrs or so maybe a trip by plane to see your loved ones. Pretty sucky. glad things are easier to keep in touch now!