A Wedding Dress

It's not quite done, and I can't show pictures, just in case the groom takes a gander at my blog, but I spent a good deal of time this weekend working on my sister's wedding dress. I've got it most of the way done, besides the hem and zipper. It looks pretty good. It's amazing how fancy the right fabric can make things look! I plan to bring it to Wichita this Saturday for a try on and possibly leave it there for them to work on. We'll see.

In other weekend news, our upstairs ac unit broke. As we were going upstairs Friday after work and our heads got hot. Then when we made it all the way up and noticed it was a toasty 86 degrees upstairs. Boo. Shannon went outside and the unit was HOT. So we shut it all off and called our home warranty people who directed us to put in a request on-line. So we did. And today (Monday) Shannon is home while the people fix our unit. Luckily it was really awesome weather this weekend. We opened some windows, used some fans and it was a comfortable 72-76 pretty much all weekend. Nice.

**UPDATE** Shannon just got back and it's all fixed. The motor for the fan was dead. Now we have a working ac upstairs! But we likely won't need it for the rest of the year (it's been pretty cool so far).


Tuba Queen said...

Send me a picture on my phone or on email . I want to see my dress!!

Stinky AC. happy its fixed.

The Math Ninja said...

I looked up online about how much it would have cost and I saw estimates from 400-650$. So, I'll take the 60$ charge no problem. We almost saved the entire year's deposit also.

Irene said...

yes keep renewing the homeowners warranty. I did and I'm never sorry. something always pops up. I would have had to buy an new refrigerator this year, that would have cost a couple thousand, instead they fixed mine and it only cost me the $55. as of this month I'm up to $60 also for the fee but it's so worth it.