Talking for 6 Hours a Day

I haven't had to do it for about 3 years. But on days that I do training for my job, I'm once again asked to teach for 6 hours a day. Actually, the training I do for work now is even more talking then when I taught at JCMS. Here we go 3 hours, lunch, 3 hours. At JCMS, I did about 2 hours, lunch, then about 2 hours. That's only 4 a day.

No wonder I'm so tired after training here!

The past two days, I did training here at work. It was a decent time. Only one student (which is odd for teaching) but she was really nice to work with and had good questions. It's a nice change from sitting behind my computer at work, answering phone calls about why the software won't work, and the occasional email, usually about why some analysis/graph isn't doing what they would expect.

I enjoy talking about statistics, that's why I like teaching at TCC. It's been a good time. It makes me miss teaching at K-State. Things worked really well up there.

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Irene said...

I'm glad you are doing what you like. I know you love statistics and you originally wanted to teach so it makes perfect sense to teach statistics! good job nik.