Purple Chips

We went back to Kansas this past weekend. On Saturday, we drove to Wichita and dropped of Jayme's wedding dress. It fit pretty well. It still needs to be hemmed, have a zipper, and have the straps get set. But I left it there for Mom and Jay to work with. I picked up my dress for the wedding then too. It fits pretty good. I may have to take in the top a little, but not much.

Then we drove up to Manhattan. We went to Radina's and saw Baker and Annie. That was a pleasant surprise. Then Jenette, Chris, Michelle, and Rhonda met us there and we chatted for a good while and went to eat some dinner. After dinner we toured the new HyVee in Manhattan. It's a pretty nice supermarket. It was kinda of comforting to see purple again, even in the form of corn chips.

Then Sunday we (minus Michelle who had tapping and studying to do) went to the Renaissance Festival in Kansas City. That was nice. The weather was really good, not to hot and not cold, no rain, and not too much sun. We had some foods, including an apple cider float (sweet!). We bought some goodies, such as a new lotion lite candle, pickled garlic, a rock that I got to break, and some honey. I'll post pictures of that later now, when I'm with my camera and it's cord.

Then to top it off, we at at Johnny Carino's for dinner with Newgen and Andrea. It was a lot of driving to do in 36 hours, but it was fun and I'm glad we went.


Tuba Queen said...

Oo! That does sound like Fun. We here in Wichita have to go next year! Its been so crazy over here we have no time to do anything. Gr! But I did order the flowers today.

Irene said...

wish I was able to go this year too. Jay's right, it's been very hectic. when the OK one comes around, let me know, I'll try to go then.