More about Exploration Place

I was having troubles uploading pictures the other day. So, instead of going back to add them, I'll just new post them.

Here are some pictures from Mom, Maria's, and my trip to Exploration Place in Wichita!

We all tried this little maze thing. It was pretty hard. Mom did best.

This was awesome. It's a bunch of floor tiles and you need to make it from the center of the bottom row to the middle of the board. Rules are, when you step on a new tile, you have a choice. Follow that arrow's direction or ignore the arrow and keep in the same direction you were headed. We spent a while working on it. Maria finally finished it.

Here is Maria and I riding some medieval horses near the keep.

And Mom and I in a tornado chamber.

And Maria in a baby tornado.

There was also a whole room with logic puzzles and a sweet wind wall. However, I didn't get any pictures that are really good of that. So, I'll just say "It was awesome!"


The Math Ninja said...

them are some good pikturs.

Tuba Queen said...

Those pictures make me want to go back! You guys look like you had a bunch of fun.

Irene said...

It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed myself. Shannon and Cody have never been there and I think they would really like it too. we should all go next time we are all together.