Memorial Day Weekend

This last weekend was really great. Friday night Shannon and I drove to Wichita for another graduation party for Maria. We got to see Mom, Jayme, Charles, Nikki, Maria, Cody, a bunch of people I don't know very well, Michelle, and all the doggies!

I'll point out that Jayme has lost a lot of weight. She looks great! Not to mention that Nikki just gets cuter with age. Kinda like a wine.

Saturday, Michelle and Shannon drove up to Kansas City to meet up with Newgen, Jenette, Chris, and Andrea. They had some fun of their own, but I stayed in Wichita with Mom and Maria. Jayme, Charles, and Nikki headed to Oklahoma for a wedding for Charles' cousin.

On Saturday, Maria, Mom, and I went to Exploration Place. It was pretty awesome. They had some fun maze displays out, a neat whale exhibit, a really groovy wind wall, and a bunch of other entertaining things. It was a good time. Then we went to eat somewhere not bad, but not spectacular. We headed back to Moms, and basically just chilled. And by chilled I mean, ate some tiramisu and watched some movies on TV.

Sunday, Mom, Maria, and I headed to the Sedgwick County Zoo. That was pretty cool too! It cost more than the Tulsa zoo, but it is nicer also. So, worth it. They had a bunch of animals and everything was well kept and nice. We spent a good chunk of time there, then got hot and ate at Uptown Bistro. After that, we headed back to Mom's and met up with Jayme and Charles for dinner when they returned to Wichita.

After dinner, we all went to the Keeper of the Plains and took Atari and Hendrix. Oh, Atari is pretty large. Kinda like sausage dog. :)

That was a neat place. They have fire, but we weren't there at the right time. There was Indian music playing and for some reason it confused Nikki a good bit. She kept looking around for it. When I finally found a speaker, she kinda of tried to grab the music. Odd.

Monday was my last day in Wichita. Maria, Jayme, Mom, and I went to the mall to look at prom dresses for wedding dress ideas, then we went to David's Bridal and tried on the real things. Fun. There were a lot of really nice dresses. Jay found one that she liked enough for us to make! So after David's Bridal, which Maria had to leave early from, we met up with Charles and Nikki and looked at JoAnn's for a pattern and some fabric.

To finish off my trip, we had a good ol' BBQ at Mom's with Charles' parents, Sandra and Charles. There was yummy corn and limeades and hamburgers, and homemade french fries, and salad, and absolutely delicous watermelon.

I drove back to Tulsa all by my lonesome and was soon joined at home by Shannon and Michelle.

I don't get many chances to spend with Mom and Maria and Jayme. So it was a nice weekend to be able to spend quality time with all of them. :)


Tuba Queen said...

Heck Yayah! And the weight is still coming off! I think I picked a hair do :) I am happy I saw you this weekend and We'll see you in a few weekend in Tulsa USA!

Irene said...

I agree nick, it is so nice when we get some unrushed time together, Man I love my girls. I can say that was one of the best weekends I ever had.