Keeping My Busy

I've got the sew-bug again. I don't know what causes it. But there are just times when all I want to do is stitch something up. (This part is now irrelevant...There are pictures to go with this post, but they are currently trapped in my camera. So, I'll free them later.)

This weekend I remembered that I received a book from Newgen and Andrea for Christmas last year, The Tudor Tailor. So I decided I'd make something from it and see how it went. Well, I made the top to a fitted Elizabethan gown with paned sleeves. It was a lot of work, but looks awesome. The size of the patterns as-is is a tad bit small on me, but pretty darn close. I didn't make the skirt, because originally I was just playing around. But it came our really good and now I want to make the bottom skirt part for it. However, I don't have enough of the fabric, so I'll need to use something else. That something else won't be free.

I also found a pattern that could work really well for Rhonda's dress. So, I'll have to try that out and see what she thinks.

Plus I finished my stained glass piece for when work releases the new version of our software. Kind of a gift to our company, I suppose.

Oh, and I finished painting my Halfling BloodBowl team, 12 little guys and a treeman. Sweet. However, during the paint-scapades I spilt a good amount of red paint on our carpet. OMG, that sucked! Shannon and I spent a good 30 minutes scrubbing it out. Now you really can't tell, and it was bad! The secret, Spray 'n Wash Dual Power. Just be sure to get it all out of the carpet. Also, we recently purchased our first bottle of carpet cleaner.

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Tuba Queen said...

I like that shirt. It looks pretty darn cool. Just think in about a month you'll be making my wedding dress!!! Heck Yayah!