The Castle at Muskogee

Last weekend Chris and Jenette came down. We went to the renaissance festival at the Castle of Muskogee. It wasn't as big as the KC Ren Fest, but it was pretty good. There were lots of people in costume, not us though. They had good prices on goods at most of the vendors. There was this one guy selling real chain mail armor for affordable prices.

I've been to the KC Ren Fest a few years now and one of the neatest things about the OK Ren Fest was that it felt like you went back to the right time, but just a differenct city. Similar activities and goods were all over, but people dressed different and it looked different.

Another one of the neatest things at the OK Ren Fest was their Enchanted Walkway. It was super sweet and I wish I had it! Here's a bunch of pictures of it.

It did renew my desire to sew. Now I need to get the fabric from Rhonda and get moving on that. Also fabric (and a pattern) for Jayme's wedding dress. And, what the heck, Mom I'll sew you up a renfest costume too!

Then on Sunday we ate at Cafe Ted's. There was a 55 minute wait so we went on a walk. There is an alge/pond/swamp behind there and so we walked around. I found a HUGE spider in a hole. The hole is probably 1.5-2 inches in diameter. That means the spider is about that big too! If you zoom in on the picture below you can see him in the hole. Creepy.

Also along this walk we found the a sweet playground. There was a moat around it. But we jumped over it and then when we were leaving, we saw a sign that said it was for the residents of Bricktown. But that isn't before we played with this Spinner Bowl.


Ookami Snow said...

The spinner bowls were awesome.

Irene said...

Did I read right? you are going to make me a dress!!! I'm so excited. I have the fabric and the pattern but I never had the time. THANKS NIKKI, I've had the stuff for what this is going on the 3rd or 4th year! HA. Oh and yucky spider,and though the spinner bowl looks fun, I dont think my butt would ever fit in it :)