Good/Bad Day

This morning when I got to work I had some simple nice emails from two cases I worked yesterday. Usually when I send an answer back to a customer, I don't hear back from them. It's just over. But this morning I had two simple "Thanks-for-helping-Have-a-great-weekend"emails. One of which was from a customer that I've had MANY cases with and really, these emails just made me smile.

But then things changed, and I don't know what the switch was, maybe the vacuum, maybe my manager being late, maybe something I don't even know about... But I just got grouchy and very, very irritable.

It sucks.

I'm trying to get over it. But man, I just wanna be mean to people. :(


Tuba Queen said...

My poor sister. Grumpiness stinks. I'm sorry. Maybe it was when I called you a butthead?

The Math Ninja said...

I'm 100% sure it wasn't you. I'm about 95% sure it was work.

Tuba Queen said...

Yeah well work can do that in a split second it can change your mood completely. Mine does it all the time. We have something in common!

Irene said...

Well if it makes you feel better. Your mother loves you both very very very much