Replacing a Floor

When we bought our house (almost a year ago!), we knew we'd have to fix the bathroom upstairs. Not only was it wallpapered with this horrid hunter green/cream vertical stripes, but the floor by the sinks was carpet and the floor by the tub was laminate that had been leaked under and showed a bit of damage.

We took the wallpaper down about 3 months ago and painted the room a much nicer brown/yellow/tan color (it's called cattail) . And that was pretty much it. Until this past weekend.

For another round of updating our house, both my mom and Shannon's mom came down (again). This time, we were on a mission to tile the bathroom floor.

Here is a before shot. You can't see in this pic, but there are those really cheap vanity lights up too. Like these, but in gold.

Here is what it looks like now that its done!

Friday night we took out the toilet and removed the molding from the floor and around the doors. Only one piece broke. But I should be able to fix it. Then if I just hide it behind a door, you won't notice. We also tore out the old flooring and were left with this.

Saturday we went shopping for the supplies. It was under 300$ for everything we needed to do the room. Including a new blade for my mom's tile saw. When we got back home, we started to layout the tile and then we cut the pieces we needed to. We decided to lay the tile on the diagonal, so we had a lot of pieces to cut. Here is the Hardi-backer down.

Then we were hungry, so we ate a bunch of sushi. In case you live in Tulsa and like sushi, I suggest you try Asahi. It'd on the northwest corner of Memorial and 71st hiding in a strip mall. The sushi is good and half price so long as you get enough!

Okay, tummies full of rice and raw fish, time to cement down the tile. Mom did this while I watched. The bathroom was just too small for more than one person to work on this. We finished around midnight and hit the hay. This is the cemented floor with the 3/16" spacers.

We had to wait 24 hours to grout, so I did that by myself Monday after work. But on Sunday, while we had the mom's there, we changed 8 light fixtures in our house. :)

A nice weekend. Not only because we updated parts of our house, but we had sushi, AND got to see Mom and Rhonda!

This is the grout down, but not the finishing touches, like molding and cleaning and curtain and the such.

And this is another view of it all together. Would have finished sooner, but the 5 gallon bucket of primer got moldy. Yes moldy. So we had to buy new primer. But the day we were gonna go do that, our car battery died, so we had to wait till tomorrow. But now it is done! What in improvement!

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Irene said...

yes we worked hard on the room but you did the most work Nikki. And now with all your finishing touches it really looks beautiful. You need to put up a picture with the curtains. You so talented!