Happy Halloween, last week...

I haven't gone trick-or-treating since about 10 years ago. Between hockey, game night, and growing up, I've not gone in a while. Well, this year I went! I didn't actually get candy, but I got dressed up with the family and we all walked around while Nikki and her friend got candy. It was great fun and I'm really glad we all did it.

Shannon and I were in Wichita for the weekend, Jayme played with the Wichita Symphony Orchestra (cool!). Shannon, Mom, Sandra, Charles, Nikki, and I went on Saturday night. Rhonda watched Keagan at Mom's house while we went. It was pretty good. I haven't been to a show like that before. I'm glad I got to go, and even glader that my little sister played in it.

For Halloween, Mom broke out her boxes of costumes from over the last 15+ years. She's still got so much! My mutant Rainbow Brite costume is there (I made in 1996), the hood from the radioactive green squirrel (I made in 1998), and dance costumes, and more! Mom wore her renaissance dress, Jayme dressed as a witch.

Shannon, Keagan, and I wore pirate gear.

Charles dressed as an out of work fairy. He wore random parts we found (zombie shirt, silver pants, and fairy wings).

Nikki was Clifford the big red dog. Jayme made her a cute costume and painted her face. It was fun to walk around.

One of Mom's neighbors goes all out for Halloween. Music, lights, decorations, the works. It's pretty cool.

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Irene said...

yes it was a fun halloween and I ran out of candy. with all I bought I still ran out! Next year Keagan will be walking and Jayme will have her little baby boy, it will be even more fun!