A Visit from Family

My grandpa and Aunt Diana came from NJ to meet Keagan. It was a great time! We did a lot of hanging out at the house, and eating too. :)

Mom came in Wednesday, Aunt Diana and Grandpa came in Thursday, then Maria, Jayme, Charles, and Nikki came in Friday. It was nice to see everyone and have Keagan get to meet Grandpa and Aunt Diana. Keagan was rather good the entire time. All smily and loving Nikki.

We went to a "pumpkin patch" Saturday.

They sold ridiculuously expensive pumpkins. They went up to 25$ for a large one. But we wanted to carve, so we went to Walmart and got huge ones for 3$ each. Yes, 3$ each.

We were gonna go to Livesay Orchards, about 1 hour away. But it was rainy and 1 hour away. We didn't figure it would be worth the drive. This place is less than 1 mile from out house.

Everyone still seemed to enjoy themselves. And we got a bunch of cute pictures.

That night we had chili and carved the pumpkins. It was fun. Aunt Diana said she hadn't carved before. Below are the finished products. Shannon carved a Halloween Powercat, I carved a normal distribution. Mom carved a witch, Jayme a crazy face. Maria made a snowboarder, and Aunt Diana a girly face.

My mom bought Grandpa a netbook for his birthday. We were worried he'd not like it at all. But quite the opposite! He loved it! The goal is to get him wireless at his house and then he can Skype with us and see us. So, hopefully that all works out.

Sunday Aunt Diana and Grandpa left in the morning, then Maria in the afternoon. We went to Hunter Park and Pei Wei before Jayme, Charles, and Nikki left in the evening.

Mom left Monday afternoon. Now it's back to just the 3 of us. I had an awesome weekend! It was so great to see family! And for my birthday, too!


Irene said...

It was such a great time! The last picture is too funny. Even Keagan & Nikki are into it! look at Aunt Diana, she looks crazy. I love you guys and miss you already. but I'll see you this weekend. Yey!

Tuba Queen said...

I had so much fun. I miss you guys already too. Nikki loves her cousin Keagan, she is such a good big cousin. She will be just as good of a big sister! I have such a wonderful child!