Ren Fest 2010

This past weekend Shannon, Keagan, and I visited Jenette, Chris, Cassidy, and Michelle in Manhattan. Rhonda came up too. It was a fun time on Saturday. We went to Cox! They used to be the best bbq in Manhattan, their BBQ nachos were my favorite!

They left a few years back (looks like in 2005). And this summer they returned! So I was excited to go. It wasn't bad. I got bbq nachos again. They are basically as I remember them. Which is good.

But Billy Simms on Peoria her in Tulsa is still better. Their meats are amazing!

After that we traveled to Wamego for an hour of K-State Tap Ensemble, of which Michelle is a member.

It was an outdoor show.

The main attraction last weekend though, was the KC Ren Fest. We left Sunday and spent just about all day there. Mom and Maria joined us, too. Mom had been looking at houses with Maria in KC the day before. She's looking to buy! How fun.

So here are some pictures of our day.

Jenette and Chris got a tandem stroller for 15$ at a rummage sale. Sweet. So, they decorated it up to be a pirate ship for Cassidy and Keagan. It worked really well and got compliments. :)

Maria brought Hendrix with. He was pretty good. People like him, so even though he's still all pull-y on his leash, it was ok.

Here's our clan split in 2, minus Chris for some reason.

The grandma's and the granddaughters.

Chris and Shannon look Cassidy and Keagan to the petting zoo. Both babies just chewed on their costume the entire time in there.

Just a funny picture.

The two of them got along pretty well. There was some times when they just burped at each other.


Aaron Brown said...

Adorable pictures of the babies, wish I could have been there :( Miss you all...


Irene said...

Renfest was so much fun. The babies made such a hit. You did great on their costumes.