Yard Work

Last weekend we invited my mom down. To help us with yard work. :) We got so much done! I didn't remember to take before pictures, but Shannon took some during pictures. Above my mom and I were trimming hedges and weeding. In the front we trimmed all the trees, flowers, hedges and wedded all the landscaping. The lawn was mowed and edged and we laid new wood chips out. We also painted our house numbers black and put up a new doorbell button. On the side of the house, we mended the gate and the fence and weeded along the house.

Keagan spent some time with us on the front stoop while we worked. She was very good (and cute).

In the back yard we weeded both corners and trimmed down the trees and bushes there. It looks so much cleaner.

We also put of the sunflower from Grandpa on the south side of the house.

It was a good weekend. Got lots done. Now when Aunt Diana and Grandpa come next week the outside of the house will look much better. I just need to find some time to clean up inside. :)

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Irene said...

It was hard work but fun doing and so nice when we finished. I think your house is beautiful but now the outside is pretty awesome too. I'll be there on Wednesday and will get my dose of Keagan kisses!!