Back from the 'Stan

Aaron, a friend from college, joined the Army a few years back and has been in Hawaii and now in Afghanistan. We didn't get to see him before he left, we had just had Keagan and timing wasn't working. But last Wednesday we got news that he'd be in Manhattan for the weekend. So Shannon and I decided to go see him!

So we did. We went to Manhattan and hung out with Aaron, Jenette, Chris, Michelle, and Cassidy and also got to see Newgen and Kerri. It was a nice time.

Aaron bought Rock Band 3 and a Keyboard. So we played that lots on Saturday.

Keagan and Cassidy "played" too.

It's fun to see how Keagan and Cassidy are becoming unique people now. They look less alike and have different voices and different actions. It's pretty neat. One thing that happened lots was one would sleep and the other would be awake. Then they'd switch.

We went and did a geocache at the St. George cemetery at 9:30 Saturday night. It was cold and probably kind of odd for others to see 8 adults and 2 babies wandering around a cemetery. But we found the box and then went back to Jenette's for warm drinks.

On Sunday, Michelle and Jenette played with Cassidy and Keagan. They ate letters by the refrigerator together and took a bath. :)

They are just adorable. I love seeing them hang out together! And in 5 months, Jayme will have a little boy to add to Keagan's cousin mix!

We did some more chilling Sunday, and eventually we headed back home. I had a really good time and I'm glad we went. I just wish it was a shorter drive!

Thanks to Michelle for the pictures. I never take enough. :)

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Irene said...

I love all these pictures. And nicole you really are beautiful!