1 Week Shy of 6 Months

I haven't just posted about Keagan recently. So I'll do that now. (And Etsy is still going well.)

She's great. (still.) She can roll over from front to back and back to front. She sits very well, and can almost move herself into a sitting position from laying down. She tries to stand herself up using things (laundry basket, box of blocks, etc.). She says "aaahh" a lot and when there are toys in her mouth she says "bababla" and other such sounds.

She likes getting snot sucked out of her nose. She uses her hands well, but sometimes she actually sees them. It's cute, she stops and just turns them around and moves her fingers. She may be teething. But still no teeth.

She get all jumpy/swimmy when she gets excited. This happens mainly when Shannon comes home or when she sees me.

She's a pleasure in the mornings. All chatty and cute. I love it.

She occasionally puts herself to sleep. Usually in a weird/cute position.

She likes her high chair. We can't use the Bumbo seat for her anymore. She requires constant attention in it because she almost gets out.


Irene said...

oh my gosh, great post Nicole. You made me laugh! my granddaughter is so wonderful and so funny. I just love her so much and I love everything about her perfect little self. You and Shannon are great parents, just like I knew you both would be. Love you guys.

Madagascar said...

your babies are so cute.God bless them.