Our Crib

When my mom was here the last weekend of February, she gifted us with not only her mad room re-doing skills, but also with our nursery furniture. She purchased a crib, a dresser, and a glider. The glider and the dresser (which we will use as a changing table) we already have in the room. But the crib had to be ordered.

Well, about 1.5 weeks ago, I received a call from the store we bought the crib from, Crib City. Apparently, when he ordered more than one crib, the warehouse in NY only sent one crib. And there were two people who ordered this one crib (us and another couple). We told him that we could wait for another shipment. His estimate was that it would be in late April. So, our baby is due May 9th, which does make it close. But we have the family cradle to use for the first few weeks (months?) anyway.

But, I found a picture of our crib. We are getting this crib, in this color even. It's all rounded on the top edges. So not as much chance for our baby to hurt herself. While this is usually something parents care about, and we aren't being much different in that sense, for those of you who know me it makes more sense. I am very prone to hurting myself on things. Especially my head. I've had a lot of damage to that part of the body. Round hard things will lead to less cuts than squared hard things.

It actually works out okay (or should). We can't take the crib home in our little car anyway. And later in April/early May we should have some family member with a larger car around to get it.


Thomas said...

very nice

Irene said...

Yep, Nicole's head is accident prone. Should we get my grandaughter a helmet? Apples don't fall far from trees. Maybe her accident-ness will be more like daddy. wait, he has bad elbows from hockey falls. OK, Helmet and elbow pads it is!