Marshmallows have been somewhat of a mystery to me. They have a crazy texture and are just sugary. How do they do it? How are they not super sticky on the outside to? Well, cooking has a lot of tricks, and I know about none of them.

So I decided to take the mystery out of marshmallows and make some at home.
Sunday afternoon, I assembled my ingredients (following the great Alton Brown's recipe). Then I started in on the cooking. I used our digital thermometer to get the sugary mixture up to 240 degrees F. Then poured it into the gelatin mixture. Set my stand mixer to high, and let her go for 12 minutes.

The stand mixer probably fought harder then it ever has before. But she made it through.

After it was all mixed, I used a greased spatula to get the marshmallow creme into a prepared 13x9 pan, dusted with more sugar/cornstarch and let it sit to dry for 4 hours.

Then Shannon helped me cut the marshmallows apart. We dusted with more sugar/corn starch and tasted!

They taste like marshmallows! Not too much different. But, they roast nicely. The insides get really gooey and it'd delicious. They also melt really nicely in hot cocoa (we tested both yesterday).

Since this was far from a failure, I will likely make more in the future. But, we'll try out some groovy flavors, not just vanilla.



Punkfrog said...

Its starting to go slightly out of cocoa season, but I made peppermint ones for Christmas and they were delicious in cocoa (just be careful with the amount of peppermint oil you use - my first batch were actually marshmallow altoids). Have had success with lemon and cinnamon marshmallows as well!

The Math Ninja said...

Yes, cocoa season is almost over. But luckily (?) we had a snowing last weekend and cocoa matched well.

Cinnamon marshmallows sound good!

Irene said...

These were excellent when we roaste them over the stove. REALLY good. I bet you can make fruit flavored ones too.