The Biggest Gainer

The title will be funny to about 6 people. Only 1 of which reads my blog. I would explain, but that just makes the joke less special. Trust me, it was funny.

This weekend (counting Friday) was a pretty good one. Friday at work, my manager and manager+ threw me a baby shower! It seemed to be quite a success. We had funfetti cake (sweet!) and punch.

My manager picked up 3 packs of onesies and some fabric markers. Then people decorated them! That was fun to watch/listen to and now to have!

There are some pretty good ones in there. 2 to mention... the 2nd down on the left-most column. It says "My parents are as normal as anyone" but instead of the word "normal" it has the equation for the normal distribution. Another good one is the top-most on the 2nd column from the left. It's a free-hand drawing of our company logo. Done quite well.

We got a lot more gifts than I expected! I work with some very generous people! Jennifer (a friend of Shannon's from grad school, she's basically the reason we applied here) got us a sweet K-State diaper bag, we got oodles of wipes and baby wash and baby lotion. And management got together to get us our travel crib! That was awesome!

Thanks everyone!

Then Saturday, we had our childbirth class. It was one class, from 10am to 3pm, and included breakfast and lunch. We watched some old VHS videos of various things. We learned about methods to help relax and things Shannon can do to help. Then a pediatrician came in and answered our questions for about 1 hour. At the end, we drove to the big hospital, St. Francis, and took a tour. Shannon and I plan on having the baby at St. Francis South. It's smaller and MUCH closer to our house. But still, the tour was nice. The room after delivery is freaking tiny! Both the ones in Wichita (where Jayme was) and Manhattan were really big compared to the ones here. But we'll see. Shannon and I will try to go to the hospital nearby and see their rooms. Maybe they are bigger.

There were 9 couples at the class. One of which has the same last name as us. Crazy.

Other than that, Gary was here and left Friday morning. It was good to see him some. I worked on the quilt and have the entire front done. But we don't have enough of the fabric left for the back, so I'll have to go back to JoAnn, darn it. :)

We also chatted about new Necromunda rules. :)

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Irene said...

Very nice Nicole. You look so good pregnant bubbalah. I'm getting more and more excited, March is half way over, one more full month to go. That was very creative of your co-workers. I love the onsies. and I can't believe there was a couple there with the same last name. did they have a baby name picked out? So have you guys decided on a name. Miss you..love you all.