Do you like your job?

I've been wondering about this recently. Do people like their job, or do they just do their job because they need to pay for things?

Then I got to thinking that well, is it even worth liking your job? If I didn't like my job, would that just be me being selfish? Or is it actually a valid desire to like the job you do?

The conclusion I came to is that you should like your job. If you don't, then there are over 40 hours a week that you are unhappy. Which just makes the rest of the 128 hours recoup time. But if you take out 8 hours of sleep each night (which I approximately get), then I have 72 hours of recoup time. Not long enough.

However, I do enjoy teaching at TCC! Even on days when I don't feel like going, I come home glad I taught and in a good mood. That is probably the way it should be. :)


Tuba Queen said...

I agree with you Nicole. I do 100 %

Irene said...

I agree you should like your job. the sad thing is I bet the majority of people either don't (never did) like their job or don"t(any more) like their job. But the ideal life would be to enjoy what you do. I'm glad you like teaching. The job I liked most in my life is a life long job- being a mom. I dont think anything has been more rewarding... ever... than that.