Awesome Day.

Started off today, the awesome day, by sleeping in till after 12:00! That was wonderful. With teaching on Saturday mornings and hockey on Sunday mornings, I don't get to sleep in ever. So, it was wonderful to sleep and lay in bed for as long as I could.

Then I didn't have a head ache today! Wonderful!

I decided I wanted coffee cake, so I called Mom, we chatted and she told me the recipe for my favorite coffee cake in the world, the one from McCall's recipes from back in the day. We made that, and it was fabulous. While getting the recipe, I noticed a sale from Etsy. Sweet!

Then we watched some football, and Denver beat Dallas! It was super close game. Denver's Champ Bailey stopped two touchdown passes in the endzone with about 7 seconds and then about 1 second left! What a stud! Denver is surprisingly 4-0 this year!

And afterwards, when I decided to work on notes for Tuesday night, I checked my email and saw I sold two more things on Etsy! Sweet!

So yes, sleeping in, coffee cake, Denver winning, 3 Etsy sales, and the day isn't over. :)

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Tuba Queen said...

Oh Dang! That does sound like a awesome day!