Our First Holiday at Home

Even though we've lived here over 4 months, Halloween was the first holiday spent at home. (Independence day we were at Nette and Chris', Labor day we were there too, actually.) So, how was it? Not to bad. I hate our doorbell.

I made some bats to hang in the window above our garage. They were rather hard to photo, but you can see them decent here.
I also made some dorky ghosts and hung them in the dorky tree out front. They pretty much look like trash hanging in our tree. I did however hear someone say "Look at the ghosts" while they were trick-or-treating. Oh an we found some neat bloody hands at Wal-mart, too.

And here are the pumpkins. We invited Charity over and she carved one with us. It was fun. This one is mine. It's the prince from Katamari Damacy.

Charity made a witch.

And Shannon made a giant hand turkey. If you look hard enough, you can see a helicopter just to the left of the broken building.

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