Charles do it.

This weekend was an interesting one. Friday night Shannon and I just chilled at home. Then on Saturday, we slept in as late as we could (11). We woke up, packed, then drove around a bit and eventually skated around some at the Tulsa inline rink with one guy from our team.

After that we drove to Wichita and had dinner with Mom, Jayme, Charles and Nikki. There was some entertainment, namely this.

Mom said she did it once in the grocery store, and Mom asked if she was cold. Nikki said "nope" and then Mom asked if she was scared and Nikki decided that was it. So now, she acts scared and it is very funny. I have a longer video of this where she tells Charles to do it and Jayme, Shannon, and me to do it, too.

Then, after dinner and a show, Shannon and I tried to get some sleep. We slept until about 12:15am. Then we woke up, took Mom and went to Roller City (warning: lame website) for some hockey. Yes, at 1:45 am, Shannon and I joined up with the K-State inline hockey team to play some hockey.

It was really long, but quite fun. The new guys on the team seem really great. They play well and are nice guys. While playing and watching the team play, I never once thought that someone wasn't very good. I actually was quite impressed by some of the new guys. It is awesome to see the team doing so well. They're 2-6 with the league, which even though it seems bad, it's better than we've done for the past few years. (Last year were ended 1-16-1, Two years ago ended 1-14-3, Three years ago was 1-17-0, Four years ago 1-11-0, ouch.)

We played 3 games round-robin, ended up 2-1. So we played the first round for team seeding and lost 6-3, so we were out. The last game we played around 9:30am.

The turny ended probably around 12:30. Chris and Coleman (both from K-State) played for a different team and that team wound up winning the whole shebang.

Coleman even won a tight competition with himself for top goalie.


Irene said...

it was a long night... morning...
...whatever, but it was so much fun and the team really played well. you guys were definately one of the best teams there. I had fun even though I'm so not used to pulling all nighters anymore. Sleep was nice!

Ookami Snow said...

I wish that Chris played on our team instead of Grady's (the team that won it all), it would have been interesting to see how far we could have gone then.

The Math Ninja said...

Yeah, I would have like to play with Chris again too. Plus, we probably would have done even better.