I envy your body mass index.

Everyone else is doing it, so I will too. I'll talk about the election.

I didn't like McCain or Obama very much. But since I live in Oklahoma now, I couldn't write in anyone and I couldn't vote for another candidate because they needed something like 50,000 signature to get on the ballot. Yowza. I did go vote though. But it felt different than last time.

And not like Amber's different (which it too bad, because she sounds quite pleased). For me it felt like it just didn't matter. I mean, 4 years ago, working at JCMS with two huge Kerry supporters, I felt like I had to vote for Bush or he would lose. So I did. I was really nervous during the results and relieved when I heard Bush won.

This year, I didn't think it mattered whoI voted for. Obama was gonna win and that was it. And now that he did, eh, we'll see what happens. It still doesn't really matter what I think about issues. I can't do anything on my own unless I completely change my life and devote it to making a change (something I'm not going to do, I need to have a dog and babies people). But whatever. I'll still have my own opinions (sometimes very similar to Shannon's but they are still mine). And I will still vote, because it makes me feel like I'm at least trying.

But it's sad. Shannon talks about how the government just keeps impeeding on our freedoms, and then some other friends think it's all for the good. I'm just a bit depressed about things and know that even if I talk about issues with people, I'm likely not going to change anyone's mind. It could just be the people I hang with, but the people seem like they have their minds made up already. So I just don't talk about things. It's easier for me that way.

Anyway, congrats to the president elect and I hope that in four years I feel happier and more a part of whatever circumstances there are with the election. Maybe I'll be able to vote for a presidental candidate other then R or D next time...

p.s. I still like you, my friends!

Oh yeah... I also think that one of the great things about our country is that we don't all agree and that we can debate things and think differently and usually that is what makes things work. Having to come to some sort of middle ground where most of us can agree.


Braveharte said...

I love you Nicole! :) I agree completely that the ability to disagree is one of the great things about the country. Even though I often disagree with you (or at least with Shannon)-- and am maybe overly vocal about it. I do love and respect both of you!
*hug* I miss you!

Still haven't gotten Shannon to agree on the dog yet? If you'd like me to sign a petition for that, I'd be happy to. I do strongly recommend that you don't get the babies and puppies at the same time though. I watched a few people do that and it didn't work out well for them. No time for a puppy when you have a baby. :)

Tuba Queen said...

I voted for the first time this year. Voted for republican, lost. But hey I think they could've both done good in different ways. Iraq wise McCain, but economy I Obama so it will be interesting. I think i'm more interested to see what happens than I am worried about it. Love you and miss you a lot. Have fun in Jersey. :)

Ookami Snow said...

My platform on puppies: Don't get involved with things that are going to make life overly difficult while still trying to get stable in the first place.