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I've been in my office since about 11:00am today, and it's just about 9:00pm now. For as much SAS as I've ran, I don't have much done. Explaining why will somewhat support the name of this blog.

I'm generating normal data that is representing data from an experiment. In the experiment they start with right skewed data, take the log10 transformation of it, and then end with normal data.

So what I thought I needed to do was make normal data, exponentiate it base 10, then I'd have the skewed data. But my major professor says I need to exponentiate it base e. She said, we are assuming the skewed data is lognormal. This means that we are assuming if we exponentiate it base e it will be normal, and this is just because of what it means to be lognormal. When I don't see it.

Wikipedia says the base doesn't matter. But Shannon's theory book is locked in his office so I can't check that. I guess I just don't care anymore. I'll just do what she says and then be done with it. I am so tired of looking at this stuff and hoping that its right. I just won't hope anymore.

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Irene said...

My poor little girl is working so hard. Don't get frustrated Nicole. Before you know it you'll be looking back feeling so relaxed just because you wont have to do this anymore. Don't give up bubbalah.