Means Matrix

Today I worked on my Masters report for a while. I even enlisted the help of Shannon and his mad programming skills. It's always nice when things finally work out.

In other, less academic, news...Last Saturday we played our Alumni Game in Junction. We lost, the alumni out scored us 10 to 5 in the end, I believe. But it was a good time and we had about 30 people come out to watch us. It's nice to get to play close to home. It'll be really nice when we get to play in Manhattan. I'm really glad that the new rec center expansion will have a hockey facility. Sweet.

Saturday evening, I then drove down to Wichita to watch/listen to Jayme play her tuba at the Wichita State University Contemporary Music Festival. The music, since it was contemporary, was interesting. Jayme's piece had a CD to go along with. It was pretty cool, and as always, she played well! We didn't' get to stay for all of it because Nicki wanted to go "bye-bye".

I did however, get to hear my little niece make some music of her own. Jayme got her a children's harmonica and Nicole just is figuring out how to use it. She puts it to her mouth and breaths in and out really really fast. It occasionally makes a sound and that just encourages her to do it even more even faster. She leans into the thing so much that I'm surprised she doesn't just topple over. I just love that kid. She's adorable, black eye and all!


Irene said...

I was so glad you came down for Jays performance. Even though I only got to sit with you for a minute before our darling Nikki made me listen to most of the festival in the lobby. I love you nick! and you are just too cool!

Irene said...
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