A Minute of Non-SAS

Thursday my major professor kicked me. Not literally, but motivatingly, but I don't think she directly meant to. I went up to ask about turning in an abstract on Friday so I could get my name in the program for graduation. She basically said that she didn't think we needed to worry about that because I might not finish in time for graduation.


I was so bummed, super-bummed. I tried to find words to say that made sense, but I didn't do a very good job. I expressed to her my desire to finish before I move to Tulsa for my new job. I think that was the first time she heard of me moving. The last news she had was that Shannon and I were looking to stay in Manhattan.

I left her office feeling very sad and defeated.

In a response to this event, I have spent a lot of time working on my simulations for my report. Thursday I could only work for about 2 hours. But Friday I spent from 1:30 to 7:00 working in my office. And today I've been here since about 3:00. I've got a lot done, but still have so much more to go. I do not want to miss graduation and have to come back in the summer to defend my report. I will get done by May 16th. I mean, that is still over a month away.

So, don't expect me to be doing much from now until I'm done. Beside my house-hunting trip to Tulsa this Thursday, I'll be doing a lot of sitting in my office and looking at my computer.


Tuba Queen said...

Nicole you will do fine. I know you will and I am sure Shannon will agree with me. You are NOT someone to not complete something because someone made a comment that they think you can't. From your posts about this subject it seems this is going to be hard and stressful but all the hours and time you will take to finish this will be so worth it. Just think you will be done with school. DONE!! You started in 1999 and will graduate in 2008 with how many degrees?!? I am so proud of you and I look up to you. Seeing your goals and you do good in school motivates me to finish. I love you Nicole and don't be bummed. Everything happens for a reason and she gave you a kick in the toosh, not to get you down emotionaly but to kick you in the direction of finishing this thing, on time and doing it well. Love ya.

Irene said...

I agree with Jayme. I know this will be hard but you can do anything you put your mind to. I know it will be stressful but those that live with you and love you will understand since you have a tough job ahead of you this next month. Just do what needs to be done. focus on one thing at a time not the entire project, it will feel too overwhelming. Each small task that you need to do to finish will eventually lead to the last task and before you know it you will look back and be done! You can do it bubbalah!