April, Fool.

I was just totally had by an April Fool's joke.

The link for www.xkcd.com, the best webcomic ever, wasn't working. It kept taking me to www.questionablecontent.net. I was all like "What the crap!?" and then I tried to find my beloved webcomic and stumbled upon....

April Fool's Joke

On April Fool's Day 2008, xkcd was part of a three-webcomic prank involving Dinosaur Comics and Questionable Content wherein each comic's URL displayed another comic's web page. www.questionablecontent.net displayed the Dinosaur Comics website, www.qwantz.com (the Dinosaur Comics website) displayed xkcd, and www.xkcd.com displayed the Questionable Content website. The prank appears to have been orchestrated by Randall Munroe, as Jeph Jacques' Twitter for the day in question read "GOD DANG RANDALL MUNROE STEALIN' MY WEBSITE."[70]

Thank you Wikipedia. Thank you.

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