That Kid

I just love my little niece. On Saturday, Shannon and I went to Wichita for 2 nights. It was short, but nice. I got to see my mom, both sisters, and my niece, plus Michelle! Even though there was some sadness involved and Maria did leave (for Cancun) it was a good time.

Ha! I put these pants on her head and she just kept them on. Eventually she rolled around too much and they fell off, but she didn't take them off herself.

Grandma had her throw away her diaper. She had the silliest grin on her face the whole way to the trash can. While we walked around New Market Square on Sunday, Jayme bought Nicole some cute sun-glasses. She would leave them on her face and open her mouth really wide when she had them on. It was very cute.


Tuba Queen said...

OH MY GOSH!! Is there a cuter baby than her. HAHA!!

The Math Ninja said...

I think not.

Tuba Queen said...

Hey possibly dumb question, do the desktop computers, that what I have right?, do they have the thingy to hook up to wireless internet?????? Cause when I move to moms house I'll have my puter and I want to use the internet.

Irene said...

Oh yes. My grandchild is just the most wonderful little girl in the world. I love when you get to visit us Nic. I miss you already.