Bambi and the MVP

Today we played our last league game for the year. Yesterday was the last regular season game and we needed to not lose. We played decent and tied the game. Shannon had two goals and then we had 5 others...so it was alright.

Today we played our one play-off game. We lost to Missouri State University 12-2 in the 3rd. But we played pretty good.

After the game, we had our traditional end of year awards. Shane (pictured at left with Jerry) won Most Improved. He really deserved it. He started out not being able to skate very well at all, but he is pretty good now. The MVP award went to Shannon! It was pretty neat. Now he has a cool plaque to show how awesome he really is. I'll have to up load a picture later. This one is from my phone and I couldn't work it fast enough to get one of Shannon with Jerry. But I know some one caught it on a real camera.

If you missed out on K-State hockey this season (or want to watch us again), you still have one chance to catch us in action! On Saturday April 21st, we are playing a mini-turny in Kansas City with a local team, us, and a K-State alumni team. Check, out our wob-site for more information.


Tuba Queen said...

WOO HOOOOO!!!! SHANNON!!Sounds like a pretty good weekend even with pictures of playing dead semi's.

Irene said...

I'm so proud of Shannon. He deserves the MVP award. I'll try to go to KS City in April. I really have fun watching you guys play hockey. Work gets in my way alot so I'll have to make sure I'm not scheduled for anything. I love you guys.