My Eyes

Recently I have been having problems with my vision. My contacts make my eyes red, but I can see. My glasses don't make my eyes red, but everything is blurry and hard to focus on. No matter which I wear I am extra-sensitive to light. It is really hard to drive the car sometimes because I can't keep my eyes open. But...I went to the eye doctor, and she gave me a prescription for these eye drops. She was just going to give me samples, but she had none. I need my eyes to fix so I didn't even ask if it would be expensive. I want to see.

So, I got it filled at Lafene and put some in my eyes. They aren't healed just yet, but I am supposed to use them for a week. The bottle is pretty small, only 5 mL of fluid. That really isn't much. But I am only using them for a week. The small bottle was $70.50. Wow.

But I learned something at the pharmacy today. My health insurace in GTA insurance and it costs 90$ a semester. Pretty cheap, usually has matching cheap-advantages. But they do pay for prescriptions, up to 7$ on monthly ones and then 250$ per year for others. Swell. This little bottle of tobradax almost cost as much as one semester of health insurance, but I didn't have to pay for it.

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Tuba Queen said...

Holy poo. This is expensive.