1 out of 6

I've been at K-State for 6 years. This is the only year I've cared about SGA elections, specifically the student body president and vice. Jim & Nick ran against KS-You. Jim & Nick had some very useful platforms to run on. KS-You didn't. Jim & Nick came out to Junction City to talk to the roller hockey team because their best platform (for me) was to try and get the rec to build a multi-purpose facility in their new expansion. Sweet. There are others, but that was the biggie.

Alas, I cared for little reason. Today Shannon and I saw that KS-You won by 26 stupid votes. Grr. That stinks. Because basically it was a tie, but since our voting system is as it is, it counts as a win. Sheesh. No hockey in Manhattan for another long while.

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