What a Bowl!

This weekend we had hockey in St. Louis again. Some noteable things occured...

-I deflected a puck into our own net with my leg in a penalty kill. So not only do I have a purple lump, I scored a goal for the other team. Excellent.

-I took out the guy that hurt Jenette back in the fall. He fell hard and almost cried.

-Shane (not Shannon) chipped his tooth. We wear cages on our helmets, but he got a skate to the head and it made him bite down so hard, that he chipped the tooth next to his canine tooth. Ouch.

-We tied another game and lost the other 3. Now our team record this season is 1-10-2. You can check out our team website for future games and times here.

Okay. In other news. That bowl of soup, huge. We ate at Macarroni Grill and Shannon and I ordered a bowl of Chicken Toscana. It was good. You can see how large it is by refering to the crayon to the right of the soup.


Tuba Queen said...

that is one big bowl of soupa

Irene said...

Good job getting the guy that hurt Jenette, I'm sorry you got hurt. Knowing you the bruise is huge, dark and painful. That is one big soup bowl. Soup looks yummy too. Hopefully I'll see you guys play this weekend. You have to give me info on the hotel and stuff so I can make reservations. I love you and miss you Nicole!