Well, we did beat KU

But that really doesn't say much about how we played today. This picture does...Shannon posted it as well, but really. Did you notice it was 4th and 45! Dang! We had some crappy penalties and some even crappier running plays. At one point in the game, we were averaging less than half a yard for each rushing attempt. Did we run in less after that? No. For some reason Snyder thinks that running the ball all the time will eventually work out for us. Well, it won't. We were lucky to win. Since our defense is good, we have a chance with our remaining games. But really, our offense is kinda sucky, espically the quarterbacks and offensive line.

Besides that, good day. We did win. Then we found out what happened with Maria. We tried to meet up with her and Nic, but we had no phone and couldn't find them. Luckily, they got themselves in and we ate dinner with them later. Also saw Baker and Annie at Panera. Baker works at JCHS and is a sponsor for the Ultimate club.


Crunch said...

At least your team won. =(

Anonymous said...

yeah...i guess.

The Math Ninja said...

That is me.kwr