The Thursday Ache

I had a head ache last Thursday and I had one today too. At first I thought maybe it was correlated to my fridge incident, but then I remembered it was just the Thursday Ache. Feels better now (thanks Tylenol).

Today's Highlights
  • During Student Lead Conferences (SLC's) (like parent-teacher conferences) I was asked to rate one of the students. The parent asked me to rate his daughter (sitting across from him) on a scale of 1-10 on interaction with peers and academic performance and teacher-interaction. I was like "great." She probably deserved like a 3, but I said 5. It was pretty accurate. But really, "rate my kid?"
  • During SLC's, I had another girl and her family come in. Opposite story. She is brilliant, and it was getting funny. They share their papers and she is like, "I got a 95% on this one." Next, "I got 20 out of 20 on this one." Then, "100% on this test." Followed by, "And another 100% on this one. What do you know?" You can guess how it proceeded. Quite funny. She is so smart! Not only does she ace her classes, she is reading way above grade level. Ah, I like smart kids...
  • Lastly (for now anyways) some kid (a middle school aged kid) peed in the library! Yep, urine on the ground. Gross
Game Nite was sparse, Nette, Chris, Shannon, and I. I made cookies out of the cookie cook book Shannon got me for my birthday. I like them. They are cake-like with apricot and chocolate on them. Fun.

On to the dish monster who lives on the metal surface of my white, magnetic "kitchen!"


Crunch said...

I bet your cookies are tasty.

The Math Ninja said...

They are. We have like 40 of them left. They just won't go away!

Braveharte said...

Happy birthday (a few days late)! Love you!

Crunch said...

OMG>.. I never wished you happy birthday.

Please accept my apologies and my fond b-day wishes to you.

The Math Ninja said...

Yes, I had a good birthday. Thanks for the "happy birthdays"!